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Reef Robotics is the proud distributor for Blue Robotics products, including their range of ROVs, in the Oceania region. Based on Norfolk Island, we test our range of marine resource harvesting adaptions as far afield as Invercargill in New Zealand and Cairns in Australia.

Currently under development are tools to be attached to ROVs that allow for collection of sea cucumbers, marine aquarium fish, live coral trout and crayfish with the intent to increase the per hour productivity of any given commercial operator in those fields. Please note that we will only sell to and support operators in managed and sustainable fisheries that are subject to tonnage quotas.

In the very near future we will be releasing a speargun equipped ROV which allows for selective targeting of individual fish rather than the unsustainable bycatch wastage that goes with conventional fishing methods. A variety of spear gun tips will allow DNA collection for research, shark tagging and hopefully Crown of Thorns starfish control which is a issue of major concern on the Great Barrier Reef.

ROVs (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles)

The Blue Robotics BlueRov2 is a ruggedly constructed and very versatile ROV with an exceptionally stable software package allowing for expandability by additional of tools and other fittings. Easy to use, affordable and coming in a range of options, this ROV opens up a world of exploration and fascination.




Acrylic tubes (2' 3" 4" ) Endcaps (different sizes, and hole configurations Sensors Penetrators
Lights Dome caps Thrusters (T1OO and T200) Tethers
Motors Vacuum Plugs O Rings Thimbles
Servos Depth Sensors Escs Buoyancy Foam


The New Zealand and Australian dollar are constantly fluctuating against the US dollar which means that prices of ROVs and parts can vary considerably at this end. We carry a range of ROVs and parts in stock but as a way of honouring our commitment to the cheapest prices to you, the best way to order through us is to do the following:

1/. Check out the products you want on the site. (The NZD and AUD converter is down on the bottom left of their webpage).

2/. If you can see that the exchange rate is relatively favourable to you, contact me with that ROV or part type for confirmation of the price. Don't forget that unfortunately I will have to add on GST, shipping from the US and shipping from our warehouse in either Australia or NZ.


We are keen to partner with individuals or businesses capable of building specific robotic tools which could be mounted on to the ROVs. A background in this type of product is required and a knowledge of robotics is desirable.



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